Innovation Catalyst

Building and investing in companies, products and solutions aimed to improve the quality of life and well-being of individuals and societies.

We focus on key scientific fields to bring impactful innovation to the market

Molecular and Cellular Therapies

Initiatives, products and technologies focused on the development of novel oxygen solutions, for in vivo and ex vivo applications, as well as autologous tissue constructs. R&D pipeline developing advanced cellular therapies for cancer and infectious disease therapies.

applied AI

Artificial IIntelligence and Machine Learning applied to devices and molecular design using the most advanced technologies in the market. R&D pipeline centered on the discovery of novel, in silica designed, molecules with a focus on anti-viral therapies.

Niche Pharma

Commercial arm with an emphasis on bringing to market novel, approved drugs, medical devices and genomic products.

Our goal is to be the catalyst.

We believe the next revolution in healthcare and quality of life will be fueled by interdisciplinary thinking. Collaborative work between brilliant scientists and professionals from diverse backgrounds react together to produce novel solutions. At Securitas Biosciences we create, found, build and invest in companies with disruptive technologies and lines of research. We seek to foster a portfolio of companies, products and solutions aimed to improve the quality of life and well-being of individuals and societies.

Securitas Biosciences Group is the life sciences corporate venture capital, seed fund and company builder of Finvest.