Molecular and Cellular Therapies

Regenerative Medicine

Advancements in biology, chemistry and genetics from last century have set the ground for the next medical revolution.

Like never before, we are able to develop treatment strategies that target specific molecular and cellular structures and achieve better outcomes.

This business division scouts renowned institutes and universities in search of highly promising research in the field of advanced therapies and select the most impactful and disruptive candidates.

LifeSciences Applied AI

Applied Artificial Intelligence and Computational Models: Transforming healthcare with AI

Development and application of AI-based tools to discover new drugs, optimize treatments and increase diagnosis accuracy. Employing smart algorithms, this business division tackles two core hurdles for modern healthcare:

Drug development: from R&D to clinical testing, this process is laborious, expensive and uncertain.

Consistent analysis of complex medical data: analysis of medical data is oftentimes crude and subjective, ultimately increasing variance of outcomes.

Niche Pharma Laboratory

Novel Approved Therapies, Drugs and Devices

By better understanding personal molecular and genetic profile we uncover the underlying mechanisms responsible for different therapy outcomes for a given pathology.
This information increases our ability to screen for specific diseases and indicate safer and more effective treatments for each patient. This business division seeks to bring advanced drugs and medical devices to the market focusing on niche treatments and rare diseases.